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An amazing experience so far logo 6/12/2016 James

Ah, the Jaguar F-Pace... An SUV about 10 years to late. But, better late than never. The F-Pace is an amazingly attractive car and that is what attracted me at first, then they told me about the Elite Maintenance Program (5 Years no cost maintenance) then the fact that the average invoice for a Jaguar hovers on average around $4,000 dollars. The 380 hp V6 equipped on the S trim is much more power than the average F-Pace driver will need, but does come in handy for short passing roads and highway merging etc. Gas mileage is of some concern especially because the fuel tank can only hold 16.6 gallons of gas. A 4,000 pound SUV with a combined average of 20mpg should be equipped with at least a 17.4 gallon gas tank. Again Im sure Jaguar engineers have a reason for such a small gas tank but I wish they would have made it a bit larger. The In Control Touch Pro infotainment system is amazing based solely on it being a touch screen (I do not believe Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or any other luxury brand comes equipped with touch screens anymore). The Brakes don't seem as powerful as they should be but I still have confidence in them. Overall the F-Pace has been an amazing car so far and has definitely gathered some looks especially when I select neutral and push the gas down and everyone hears the engine pop. Definitely worth a look.

Average Rating : 4


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