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An amazing ride, an amazing vehicle! logo 6/15/2016 Ken

This diesel engine marvel is everything others have said about it: quiet, clean, LOTS of torque, and great gas mileage! Driving the car home from Texas I drove from Amarillo, TX to Holbrook, AZ on less than a tank of gas. I then drove from Snowflake, AZ to Salt Lake at 75-80 mph via Flagstaff (625 miles) with fuel left over for a few days of driving around town. Climbing mountain grades and passing other cars was effortless. The ride and handling were amazing. This is my first Mercedes and first diesel powered sedan. Given my experiences so far, I'm not going back to a gas powered car. It has the navigation system, which is nice, but easily outdone by my iPhone. It also has the Harmon Kardon audio system which is great. While it's almost 10 years old now, you wouldn't know it by how it handles.Later: I've had the car for 8 months now. In that time it's had a few rather expensive repairs. I've had to have the o-rings in the oil-cooler replaced, the turbocharger has been replaced and there was an issue with the valve-body controller of the transmission. None of these have been cheap. I was fortunate I could swap out the turbocharger when I had the engine torn apart to replace the o-rings. I winced at paying $2000 to replace a $10 o-ring. But that said. I still consider myself money ahead on the vehicle. In real world driving I've gotten as much as 40mpg on one leg of a trip and average about 30-31 mpg between commuting to work and driving around town. The body and interior are so nice, people are surprised to learn it's a 2007. Would I buy this car again? Probably. Will I drive anything other than a Mercedes? No way! When I ride in other cars, I can tell the difference, both in noise levels and ride quality. It's superior to any Japanese or American-made vehicle.

Average Rating : 5


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