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An appliance car with personality logo 7/6/2016 Stetler

I wanted a car that was very reliable and practical, but also had personality and caught the eye. When you say Corolla, you don't think about the XRS model, but this model is great. The 2.4-liter engine has great pickup with the manual transmission, and climbing grades is a lot better than with the 1.8 liter, with extra power on tap for passing. The interior is cheap, like others say, but it's a Toyota and 7 years old at that, so I am not expecting much. For a guy in his twenties that wanted something awesome but still practical and reliable, I have to say I am in love with my XRS Corolla. I just bought the car yesterday, but I will update this review when I have had it for some more time.

Average Rating : 5


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