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An awesome RX 350 ! logo 8/29/2015 RonnL

Recently traded a 2015 Lexus NX for a 2015 Lexus RX350 . There is a huge difference in the ride quality. The NX was just too small. Coming from a Highlander, the RX is a much better fit ! Several have commented on the ride of the RX...I find it very smooth and quiet. The seats are very comfortable, and I got a loaded RX. The Heads Up Display is one of my favorite features. Your eyes stay on the road while the speed is flashed in the windshield. The Mark L. sound system is also awesome. Just spend a little time getting the balance and adjustments right on it. As the new 2016 RX350 will soon be out, it was just too big, and the 2015 has the better look IMO. I'm not a fan of the huge front grill on the 2016. Mine has most everything you can get on it, and it's fun on the highway, unlike other reviews that say it's boring. Sure, it's not a sporty ride, but it isn't intended to be one. While I love the looks and came close to an X5, the Lexus reliability and awesome service keeps me coming back. You can't go wrong with the RX, and right now there are some amazing deals on them at the end of the year.

Average Rating : 5


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