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An Honest Review From A New Tacoma Owner logo 7/8/2016 Kyle M.

Let me start off this review by saying that I have never owned a Tacoma before or a truck. Also I have had my Tacoma for about 10 weeks now. I felt it was necessary to write a review to defend this truck. This is a great truck and I would recommend it, but lease it till they work out the bugs. First off, I'll start off with one of probably the most important questions, the mpg. I average around 20 mpg, doing about 60% city, 40% highway. If you do a lot of highway driving, my mpg meter has gone as high as 26mpg, as long as you don't drive like a jerk, you should get decent mileage. But when you buy a truck you're not buying it for the mpg, you buy it for versatility, otherwise go buy a Prius. Moving onto performance and ride quality. In terms of performance, I will admit acceleration can be a bit sluggish, especially when you need it. However, I find that if you turn the ect pwr button on or put it in sport mode, that does seem to loosen up the transmission a bit for better acceleration. It's no race car, but it still has ample passing power. In terms of ride quality, it's relatively smooth, but when going over bumps it gets pretty rough, so ride quality is so-so. And to add to that steering is pretty responsive. In terms of the interior, I love it, it's very simplistic but very nice and clean layout. I have cloth seats and they're very comfy, and the infotainment center's touchscreen is very responsive and user friendly. In terms of sound system, I had heard Toyota speakers were garbage, but to be honest they're actually pretty decent. Certain genres of music can be on the quieter side and require you to really crank it up. But overall, for the non-jbl's they still have pretty decent bass. Last but not least, I'd just like to add that, the backup camera makes parking the Tacoma even easier, as it's nimble size makes it easier to get through tight spaces. The design is definitely a big improvement in my opinion. Overall I give it 4 stars, it's a great truck, but still has its short comings, hopefully when my lease is up they'll make more improvements on the little things. Hope this review helped any future buyers!

Average Rating : 4


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