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An honest review logo 6/25/2015 mmbfamily5

I wanted to give an honest opinion on the Honda CRV after hesitating due to the vibration issue. I didn't want to spend more than 30k, I wanted AWD, room for 4 adults with space for cargo. I looked at the Rav 4, Forrester, Rogue,Escape and the CX5. None of them were perfect but the Honda was either as good or better in every area. As for the vibration issue, I've noticed at a red light, the engine goes into a very low RPM that does provide a slight vibration. I honestly would not have even noticed it, if not for the negative reviews. This small CUV is roomy,safe,comfortable, good gas mileage and really holds its value. After 1 month and 1,000 miles, I would highly recommend it.

Favorite Feature : I really like the keyless entry with the push button start. It's easy to see out of the windows and is very comfortable and smooth to drive. I'm not a big fan of CVT transmissions but between the Nissan, Subaru and Honda, the Honda is by far the smoothest with Subaru right behind. The Nissan is very noisy as an FYI. The CRV is surprisingly big on the inside. There is plenty of room for 4 adults and 5 in a pinch. The fold down seats with the levers in the back are a very nice feature

Suggested Improvement : I can't figure out why the Japanese auto manufactures don't spend a little more for some very small plush features. How about a nice leather boot on the gear shifter soft touches on the dash and arm rests etc. Ford does a very nice job of providing some high end features in their interiors. The new 7 inch touch screen is a big improvement but come on, with the cell phone features and tech. thats available today, is this really the best you can do. One last complaint. As an owner of an Acura and Honda, who paid the extra cash for the nav, please allow us to plug in a new address while we are driving. The voice commands are a joke and to have to pull over to change the address is silly.

Average Rating : 4.75


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