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An SUV Lover's Hybrid-Plugin logo 6/30/2015 redcmax

I. Love. It. Bought 1 yr ago. Waited to post review 'til had driven through MA winter & had a yrs cost data. Total cost for year: $0.06/mile (SUV = $0.19/mile). Overall mpg = 97 mpg (SUV = 18 mpg). Costs $0.96/night to charge, using reg 110V plug in garage. For full yr, spent $283 on 8 tanks of gas + 365 days x $0.96/night electricity = $633. Went 10,321 miles. Maintenance was once at 10K miles, cost $0. Did amazingly well in winter w stock tires; heavy weight + low center of gravity help a lot. Only garaged on the 2-feet-of-snow days. ADMISSION: I learned how to drive a hybrid and am as diligent as possible about it. Feels weird at 1st but now normal. Makes big diff!


Favorite Feature : Besides the 96mpg?!?! Sporty, fast, handles like an SUV. Way "beefier"/substantial in feel, and responsive to drive, than a Prius. Great creature features. SYNCH system works perfectly. Excellent sound system.Only in for oil change every 10K miles since ICE is used so much less. Gorgeous, rich red color. Got a $1500 check rebate from state of MA 2 wks after I bought it; and a $4001 tax CREDIT on my tax return this April. Those more than covered the extra cost of the Energi right out of the gate. Also have gotten parking several times at airport in garages full/closed but there were EV spaces open.

Suggested Improvement : A couple days in the year, I've wished for more storage space, but I'll trade that for 96 mpg any day.Blind spots with the front struts (same as my SUV had) but I'm used to them now and know to look around more.A little bigger visor mirror would be nice :-).

Average Rating : 5


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