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An Utterly Depressing Car logo 8/18/2015 E_W

Powertrain: Slow slow slow acceleration. No torque, with flat spots and hesitation everywhere. 5-speed manual has had a crunchy 1-2 shift since new - I'm not a rookie driver. Geared for fuel economy with long jumps between 1-2 and 4-5. Falls on its face when you shift unless you're perfect. E-Throttle is absolutely atrocious and unpredictable. Once I turn the A/C on in the late spring, it stays on until October, because it takes two days to re-learn how to drive the terrible E-throttle and jumpy engine when you toggle between A/C on and off - the engine response is different to the point of multiple personalities. Engine is quiet at speed but thrashy if (when) you have to rev over 3500 RPM in search of some power for everyday acceleration needs. Be prepared for tailgaters unless you're comfortable shifting at Nascar RPM levels. Highway driving is better - 5th is just right for economy vs. not having to downshift much. Interior: Cheap materials. Ok layout and good space. I don't share the complaint about the seats, I can drive this car for 10 hours without back issues. I'm 240 lbs, maybe I have a different spine than most. Road noise is insane, louder than commercial trucks I've driven. I've never owned a louder vehicle in my life. Honda doesn't even pretend to make an effort to quiet these cars down. The stitching on the most frequently used seats hasn't separated yet, but it's looking pretty sorry. Economy: Until about 60k miles I averaged right around 30 MPG in highway-biased mixed driving with A/C on. Good real world mileage for a bigger car. 33-34 MPG fully loaded on family roadtrips with A/C on. MPG has dropped to about 26 in similar driving, but I'm on factory spark plugs at almost 90k so it's probably time for a tune-up. Reliability: No check engine light for 90k miles. 3rd set of rear brakes, but factory fronts - common complaint in these cars but abnormal for a passenger car. Weird popping sound when I first pull out of a parking spot after sitting - happened since day 1 and I don't hear it anymore. Uneven tire wear despite alignments and rotation. Terribly, horribly loud tires as a result of cupping and no sound insulation. Second set of tires, different brand, same result. Had to replace two lower motor mounts at 85k due to clunking, and the car still isn't right. I'm afraid it needs axles although I don't know why it would after 90k of mostly highway. The boots are fine. Overall Driving Experience: MISERABLESlow, hesitate-y, boring, loud, depressing. What seems like a smart buying decision on paper leads to disappointment. Value: I got what I considered a screamin' deal on a no-option stick base model. The car feels every bit an economy car although it is economical.

Average Rating : 2


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