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Another Great Honda logo 8/22/2015 Tim Pasio

We love our new CRV, We haven't experienced any vibrations at all with it. It has been absolutely perfect on long trips, and for my wife's daily commuter for work. Plenty of power, stable in the wind, build quality is spectacular, no squeaks, or rattles. We're getting 31 mpg on the highway (Got 36 on our trip to San Diego). The transmission shifts smoothly, and the seats are really comfortable, especially on my bad back.It is not the prettiest of the small SUVs, but compared to the others we drove, it was the roomiest. Negatives? The back seats could be more comfortable for adults, and the Bluetooth hookup, especially on my Samsung s5 is a pain. Other than that, we really love this car.

Average Rating : 5


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