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Any older Lexus may be tempting, but don't do it.. logo 4/6/2017 Kevin

Bought my 1999 RX300 for peanuts and thought it was a killer deal. Low miles, dealer serviced. But save yourself the headache and just don't do it. Yes these are technically "Toyotas", but the newest RX300s are now over 14 years old. They are a PITA to work on. Mine just went into limp mode due to bad knock sensors, and I just spent $685 for that. Parts were only $185, but it took ten hours of labor to change them. Drove it home, and when I parked it, it started idling at 2k rpm. Back to the shop it went! I've now been without my Lexus for two weeks. Fuel economy on my AWD model is terrible and it has very little power. It's comfortable and safe, but expect to spend ALOT on repairs.

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