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Approaching 100k and Near End of Life logo 8/13/2015 Paul Gyergyek

I bought this car in Dec 2011 (w/ only 72.8k miles on it) for my son in college. Almost 4 years and25.5k miles later, I learned a valuable lesson in used-car buying: a older, low-mileage car is not always a good deal. It cost a ton to maintain this car - I think I've replaced everything once,some things twice (front brakes, portions of exhaust system). The upstate NY winters (no car washing =lots of rust damage) & rough roads have aged this car tremendously. However, lots of items that shouldn'thave failed, did - CD player (it won't play ANY CDs), speedo, odometer, blower motor resistor.My son's hard driving, especially on some bad country roads, and not taking good care of it was amajor contributing factor to its rapid decline. However, honestly, I think the previous owner simply sold this car at the right time. Best Features:The gas mileage is fantastic! 32-36 MPG on most of my trips. I own an '07 Mustang GT, and this car,though it doesn't compare, is still fun to drive. Even though the '03 Foci I owned were better-builtand performing cars, I prefer the ZX2 styling. Pretty roomy for me, a 250 lb guy. Stereo system soundsOK, for a lower-end vehicle. My son didn't care for A/C (which is good, 'cause it broke in 2014), but he loved driving with the moonroof wide open.Worst Features:Auto tranny downshifts very hard & violently into 1st gear when you stomp on the gas - but thecar does move fairly quickly. In the northern rust belt, this car abhors water (and the damage itdoes) more than the Wicked Witch of the West. Definitely needs a driver's arm rest. I highlyrecommend snow tires for winter driving - it's snow/ice traction is poor.Update:Took the vehicle to the auto graveyard day after Thanksgiving 2015, with just under 100k on it.The tranny was leaking oil when driven in Reverse, and it just wasn't worth fixing. RIP.

Average Rating : 3


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