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As old school as you can get, these days .... LX logo 12/10/2016 rsdlong

We bought our '15 LX certified pre-owned, warranty was extended, am good with that. Test drove the automatic, was a no-go, as every CVT I've ever driven just fine for a lot of folks, but I don't care for the feel. Figured this just might be my last chance to buy an affordable manual transmission equipped car in the US, given my propensity to keep cars for up to 15 years and the push is on here in the US for autonomous cars.....not my cup of tea. LOVE LOVE LOVE the manual, although, 1st gear and 6th gear are a little short, but......yeah, it turns 4000rpm at 80 mph on the highway, but I can get 42 mpg on the highway (if I DON'T use cruise control......using cruise on a long trip will average about 40 mpg). MUCH bigger on the inside than the outside belies....front passenger room is fine, rear passenger room (2 adults) is better than many much bigger vehicles....and then there's the "magic seats".....amazing amount of hauling capacity if yer not carrying 4 people. While not a sports car, it is loads of fun to drive quickly on twisty country/mountain roads (added a Progress rear anti-sway bar for more fun). The Fit is a great little car for those who want some hauling room but don't wanna buy into the mind-numbing cross-overs. The Fit is (still) go!!!

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