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Audi A4 Wagon, great car but is an oilaholic! logo 7/30/2015 David TW

I love my 2010 Audi A4 Avant, its the third Audi I've owned but it slurps down oil at an average rate of a Qt every 670 miles. My previous cars which included two Audis (a 2004 S4 Avant and an 2007 AllRoad V8 never needed the hood opening between services. That is true for the four BMW's (three 7 series and a 535 xi wagon). Its just not right. My dealer Audi of Fairfield County tells me the consumption is within range but we all know that's a sham. Audi agreed to settle a lawsuit last year where they agreed to replace the crankcase pressure regulating valve. front crankshaft seal and front crankshaft bolt, they will also update the engine control module control software to match the new parts, all free of charge. I intend to take this up with them next week. I really love this car and hope this can be resolved or it will be time to move on. I will keep you posted

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