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Audi Q5 - 6 month review logo 5/24/2015 audiexperience

- Tires: 3 flat tires in 6 months when I have never had a flat prior. No full size space. OEM tires already discontinued after 6 months. I now have one tire that does not match and Audi has said I need to replace all the tires if I want them to match although Audi does not recommend driving with tires that do not match. Audi customer service (awful!) said it would not replace the tires, then said it would (I have a voicemail), then said it would not.....- Actual highway MPG has been 22-23 versus posted 28. I care about vehicle range hence why this matters for me. - Rattling in the winter. Constant rattles that went away when temperatures warmed up.

Favorite Feature : Ease of entry. I have enjoyed the sunroof more than I thought I would.

Suggested Improvement : Radio screen looks archaic. Customer service not appropriate for what this brand supposedly is. Reliability needs to improve. I thought I was purchasing a reliable car of high quality but that has not been the case.

Average Rating : 3.125


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