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Ausgehtzeichnet! logo 3/5/2015 14freud

Writing this review after 5 days. Got base 2014 with only 8k miles on it. Great deal! So far, runs great. Turbo kicks in nicely when accelerating. Trans takes getting used to as "D" wants lower gears to save gas, but "S" runs more like a traditional trans. Son says back seat has more room than Honda (I traded in a 2002 Accord). Decent stereo..rides nice and is quiet.**Update 10 months later: Still going well, but commercial carwash snapped passenger side-view mirror. Manual does NOT say to avoid commercial carwashes and VW considers this defect to be non-warranty covered as it was an "act of nature." A bunch of BS, if you ask me. So, I've been taking it to touch-less carwash, which does not clean as well (I do it myself in summer, but it needs washing in winter due to salt, etc.). Kind of junky customer service..who doesn't make a car that can handle a dang car wash??

Average Rating : 4


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