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Auto Stop not impressed logo 7/6/2016 Nightowl

Renting this car for a summer vacation trip. First thing I noticed is the rear window has a smaller visibility view. Had a hard time seeing the road directly behind me. Further on back, no problem. Next thing was the annoying speed limit indicator going off every time I went over 55 mph. Took me an hour to figure out how to turn that off. You had to go to the (DIC) driver information center settings to turn that off. Now the most annoying feature is the Auto Stop. Every time you stop, the engine shuts off until you take your foot off the brake. When taking your foot off the brake, then the engine restarts. Constantly turning on and off during city driving. Extremely annoying with the constant shutter as the engine shuts off. Can't imagine what the transmission and engine will be like with this feature at 50,000 miles. Car is being rented and only had 1,800 miles on it. So it's right off the line. Highway driving was fine. Ride a little hard on rough roads. Gas mileage great. The rear view camera was a very nice feature. A/C was good. Rented a 2015 Cruze last year and was impressed with that model. Renting a 2016 this year and would consider it a downgrade. If looking to buy I would take it out and drive in the city for a half hour and get a good feel for the Auto Stop feature before making a final decision.

Average Rating : 2


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