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Awesome Bluetooth my Hind-End! logo 8/16/2015

This vehicle is not a bad SUV, but there are some features that are so frustrating and aggravating that I have been severely tempted to get rid of it.The so-called phone feature is the worst on the market and should be a forced recall due to safety concerns. It takes 9 steps to insert a phone number by voice, and six by your phone. There is absolutely no way in which to download your contacts for use that does not include having to try it over and over. I have more than 350+ numbers in my phone and it is a daunting task. I have only managed to get 4 numbers in my cars memory so far, and that took over 7 hours and 4 different people trying to do it. You also cannot use the speed dial feature if you are moving! What the HELL kind of safety feature is that?! You have to dig on your phone and search for a name and it isn't easy. Not having this feature is bad, and a concern for me and others as to how UNSAFE this unit is.

Average Rating : 5


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