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Awesome car if you buy the base model logo 8/22/2015 Harvey

I bought a loaded 328i M-sport, love the car, I'd only buy it with all the great tech options. If you want the brand, engine, transmission, and base features buy it! If you want one with the bells and whistles, be prepared to own it for life, because the resale is terrible (you don't get any value for the packages , only Navigation). Especially with sub models, lease/purchase specials, and CPOs). All in all I love driving my car, but I hate that I'm upside down in it for its life... I'd like to upgrade in the future, but due to its cost from all the options I'll be stuck for at least 3 years. This isn't a problem for normal people but my automotive shelf life is 1 year to 18 months,,, so I'm salty.

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