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Awesome Car-----JUNK TIRES logo 8/27/2015 Richard Sallinger

I have had my car three weeks. Love everything about it-----EXCEPT THE JUNK TIRES. Noticed a bounce at low speeds almost out the door of the dealer. Was in the shop at 375 miles on the odometer for 4 hrs to balance the tires. Car returned to me and the balance was worse than when I took it in. Back in the shop again at 560 miles for balancing. This time, two tires are replaced. The ride is a little smoother but still has a very noticeable tire balance problem--especially at city driving speeds. Speeds of 60 plus is still noticeable. These tires are the Turanza Bridgestone and have no business being on the market as a high value tire when it realistically is a cheap tire that has no business on a Luxury type Vehicle. Can't understand what Toyota was thinking when deciding to use these junk tires on their finest automobiles. It is almost a certainty I will be at the dealership weekly for balancing until they decide enough is enough and put some decent tires on the vehicle. If not for the tires, I would truly have a vehicle with a Luxury feel to it. Instead, I have a Luxury looking vehicle with a bounce in it's get along.

Average Rating : 4


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