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Awesome machine logo 8/3/2015 Joey

This thing is a blast to drive, and a really good option for families with one or two kids. You can't beat the safety features; this thing's a tank. The only real concern with the X5 35d is the upkeep cost. If you consider the fuel economy, maybe it evens out...but doubtful. I can't say the repair cost is high, because we haven't had to actually have any repairs done (60k miles). The warranty covered a few sensors that needed to be replaced, but everything else has been routine. Don't bother with a dealership for oil changes. They will straight up lie to you. I had two local BMW shops tell me it's over $300 to change the oil and fill the DEF on my 35d. Order the Castrol oil, a filter and some DEF and do it in the driveway, or take it to a small shop and pay 15 bucks. Total cost for me was less than $100. If we can afford it in the future, we will certainly invest in another X-model. Let's hope we can squeeze 150k out of this one.

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