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Awesome Ride logo 8/1/2015 Mike

I've purchased my 2005 LS 430 with 48,000 and it is now at 167,000. In that time I had no issues until this past year (needed a new alternator $390 and the thermastat was old and it damage the radiator hose $700). Since those issues were fixed the car rides like its brand new. I read a few other reviews and noticed when a car is serviced by lexus only, the car has major issues. Dealerships are similar to printer companies (HP, Epson etc.) lexus make there money from the service portion just like printers make there money from the ink sales. Lexus are professionals in getting you to return with an issue and will charge you 3 to 4 times the money! Stay away from dealerships and find a good local mechanic that will treat you with respect!

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