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Awsome SUV logo 5/12/2015 2stiches

I,m coming from a Toyota Sequoia of 14.5 years that I purchased new in November of 2001, when the Sequoia model 1st previewed. Excellent car that got me through the kids years of 7-8 people hauler for the Beach and bringing kids to college later in life. Now it,s time to come down one SUV size, and my 1st impressions are WOW!I just went from a truck ride to a car ride, high ground clearance entering the vechile to lower easier ground clearance, jittery ride to smooth car like quiet ride, 13.5 MPG to 19.5 MPG, crap radio all these years to the JBL Pro 12 speakers with a sub woofer. Yeoww* I am Loving every minute when I,m in this SUV...

Favorite Feature : 12 speaker JBL Pro system, Navigation, the quiet ride, the effortless v-6 power with 6 speed transmission,very nice seats and the best thing I like is the hidden 3rd row seats, there when you need them and out of site when you don,t need them. I had these 3rd row seats sticking in the way in Sequoia, or you had to take the 50 pound seats out of car and store them somewhere when you wanted the room.You don,t know how lucky you are with these hidaways in Highlander..I also love the pop up rear glass hatch,Toyota gets it,yeah your gonna need that to get lumber and other things home from time to time, that was huge in my decision of picking an SUV, no hatch and your out and their were a bunch

Suggested Improvement : the chrome-tec (BLING) wheel s on the Limited look cheap to me,they are like very thick plastic covers that pop on a painted rim, Really ? I can see these aren,t going to last. the Aluminum rims on the XLE are so much better,it makes you scratch your head,since you are paying $3600 more for these supposeitly upgraded things on a Limited. 1 other gripe, the system that monitors your blind spots is great but they put the flashing symbols on the inside of mirror to get your attention not on the outside of mirrors, as it doesn,t grab your attention.

Average Rating : 4.5


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