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Awsome vehicle! logo 4/26/2015 Dianne Vanditmars

Used primarily as a daily drive to/from work, 48km each way. Thisleaves 15km - 40km at the end of the day. Level2 charger in the garage keeps the BMW i3 full.Off the line and even on the highway this is a very responsive car.The high seating position and very open design gives a great view of the road.Figure on saving about $2,500 per year due to 1/10th energy costs and 1/2 maintenance and service costs.A very practical and fun car to drive for me, makes the commute that much better.

Favorite Feature : Great view of the road.Zippy performance around town and on the highway.Regen braking via just the throttle is the best when there is stop-n-go traffic.No brake dust cleaning on the front wheels.

Suggested Improvement : Driven the car for 6 months and have not found anything wrong or annoying.

Average Rating : 5


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