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"Bad" Kitty logo 8/19/2015 Brian

I am 6'2" and most of the "special" cars that were interesting to me I could not fit in. Two weeks ago I flew from Michigan to South Carolina to pick up my brand new 2014 ( yes, I realize the 2016's are coming out very soon ) F-Type Jaguar convertible, V-6 S, in British Racing Green with dark brown leather with light stitching and a black top. I fit like the car was tailor made just for me. I can stretch out my left leg fully, the seat holds but does not dig in ( Porsche ), my line of sight is in the middle of the windshield, not at the upper support bar ( Corvette ). I drove a V-8 S several months ago and fell in love with the car but as hard as it is for a car guy to say, it was too powerful to be fun. My car can be driven with some gusto and I can enjoy the amazing exhaust sounds without hitting crazy speeds and likely going to jail. The middle choice in the lineup was the perfect car for me. Amazing lines, rare color,outstanding build quality and well thought out driving position and dash layout. Drove my new "Kitty" home (830 miles) straight through and I could not get the big smile off my suntanned face. Got 29.2 mpg if that matters to any potential buyers running 75 to 85 mph. It took me a long time to finally decide on my special car. Spending this kind of money should make you think twice. I sometimes call this my anti-Tesla. There is a great mix of sophisticated aides and functions but enough great old school DNA to make me think that these kinds of cars may not be build forever in an electric, Google computer driver future. I feel that Jaguar has built a car that will still put a big smile on my face 20 years from now when I press the orange start button and this car roars to life. You will want to keep the sport exhaust turned "off" until you are out of your neighborhood, trust me. The trunk is "soft side" overnight bags small but this is a weekend or special use car for most owners and the way the lines of the car work so well together I promise you will not care about the small trunk. Design over function is "OK" sometimes. Could not be happier with my purchase. Note: perhaps in some areas of the country these cars are more plentiful. Where I live they are "Blue Moon" rare. Be prepared for lot's of attention.A year later and no issues at all. The more I drive my Jag the more that I appreciate the build quality, the design, and the way this car is sorted out. We make wonderful drives along the back roads near Lake Michigan visiting the great small harbor towns with the car and those types of roads are the cars favorite. Top down driving is something that we thought we would like but actually love. The sounds and smells along with fantastic views transform a normal ride into an adventure. One small issue. For the money a real spare tire should be included with each car sold. The owner could then decide to carry it or not. Never once have I thought that I had not purchased the right model F-Type. The middle one is just so much fun to drive, so balanced, very powerful but in a more useable way than the crazy 8.

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