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bad truck logo 7/8/2016 Rodney

I bought a 2011 Nissan Titan sv and since day one its been in and out of the shop 6 months out of 11 months that I have had the truck nothing but problems they changed the ecu and wiring harness it still was doing the same thing then they found out that it has a miss fire in the number 2 cylinder, they did the heads gasket twice each time it got worse, then they sent out the head for the values to be replaced. Then they found out it was the motor. As of 7/8/2016 they are putting in a new motor so we will see if and when I get my truck back. I have lost money and jobs because of this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT GOING TO PEORIA NISSAN IN ARIZONA. They sold me a lemon. Oh and by the way Peoria Nissan told me my truck was fine every time I brought it in so I finally took it to Avondale Nissan to have them look at and there it seat getting fixed. Thanks for selling me a bad truck Nissan Rodney S.

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