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Badly laid out dash and spares supply ridiculous logo 8/10/2015 Brenda Turner

Subaru send you plenty of e-mails to tell them how you love it. Once in a while they might like to ask real questions about the car - got news for you Subaru a car is a mode of transportation not an emotional experience. In itself the car is a bit better than OK. It runs well and feels secure. As a user the dash layout is ridiculous. Unless you have their GPS the center is a relatively useless space. Who would by a car manufacturers GPS it costs to upgrade and Garmin is great. The speedo is difficult to read as it is too small and calibrated in such a way to insure you can't tell how fast you are moving - I have ended up using the display in the center which gives a digital readout a heads up display would have been better but this is the only way to avoid travelling a the wrong speed. The time and outside temperature readings are hidden and so small that you have to search for them. Obviously the display is designed by a geek not a driver. When you are out in the sun the inside trim reflects in and blots out the image in the door mirrors.THE FINAL STRAW HAS BEEN THE 2 WEEK WAIT FOR A REPLACEMENT WINDSHIELD WHEN OURS WAS BROKEN. I HAD EXPECTED TO GET IT REPLACED WHEN WE WERE ON OUR WEEKS STAY IN WASHINGTON - NONE AVAILABLE! WE ORDERED A REPLACEMENT THROUGH SAFELITE WHILE WE WERE AWAY TO BE FITTED WHEN WE GOT BACK TO TUCSON. IN ALL I DROVE OVER 3,500 MILES WITH A SERIES OF EVER GROWING CRACKS. WE THOUGHT THAT 2 WEEKS NOTICE TO GET THE REPAIR DONE WOULD WORK.....WRONG!!!!! WE WAITED IN AN EVENTUALLY GOT A CALL FROM SAFELITE - THEY HAD BEEN LET DOWN BY SUBARU!! SUBARU COULD NOT GET ONE - THEY ARE ON BACKORDER AND THERE IS NO DELIVERY DATE.MESSAGE IS - NO MATTER HOW YOU LIKE THEI MARKETING - DON'T BUY A SUBARU.

Average Rating : 3


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