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Bang for the buck logo 6/13/2016 Mark

I bought my jeep one year ago and put 12000 Miles on it. I was looking for a 4x4 vehicle under $20,000, the jeep patriot was the only new 4wd or awd vehicle I could find. With automatic and air I paid 19K out the door. I live in northern California and dive on dirt roads and in the snow. The jeep has excellent road feel for off road not the feel of a car made for the road with awd. I see the pro reviewers give the patriot low to average score but compare it to a cars that cost 10k more. I give the patriot 5 stars because it just gives the most bang for the buck, sure an awd car that cost 5K more has extra comfort on the road but the Patriot has adequate road comfort and is far superior off road. I have had no problems with the Patriot and my only complaint is the gas tank could be larger. I average about 21mpg and get 26mpg on long trips. If you drive an SUV in a big city the patriot is easy to park in small spaces and has an outstanding turn radius.

Average Rating : 5


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