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Base model with 6-speed manual logo 6/14/2016 mike hausner

We wanted a car that we could tow behind our RV. That said we chose the HR-V with the manual transmission over the CTV automatic. From a re-sale stand point this may not be a good choice....But I am having too much fun driving this car to care! The gearbox is easy to shift even though I have never had a "6-speed". When in traffic I sometimes skip a gear, like go from first to third to fifth and sixth. The engine has good torque down low so as long as you are not giving it a lot of gas it doesn't care. The cornering ability is great too. It corners like it's on rails. I told you I was having fun with this car. On top of all that it's getting over 31 MPG in combined city / highway driving.The other thing that amazed me was the interior space. It is tight without being cramped. I am 6'-1" and 275 pounds so getting in and out of some cars can be difficult for my 70+ year old bones. However I can easily get in the front or back seat and have plenty of head room. The EX and EX-L models have a sunroof which takes away some headroom so I opted for the LX model. It is easier to get in and out of than the Honda Odessey I traded in. The cargo space is very good for a car this size and with the rear seats folded flat it's even bigger.From the outside it looks more like a sport coupe than a 4-door SUV/Crossover. Most people don't realize it is a four door because the rear door latch is semi-hidden in the C pillar. All in all I really like this car!

Average Rating : 5


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