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Be Cautious!!! logo 6/16/2017 Jessica

We purchased my 2013 Traverse pre-owned in January 2016. It was a GM Certified Pre-owned that did have warranty coverage. I will say that I LOVE how it drives for such a large SUV. I love the back up camera and sensors as well. We were generally comfortable, even on long road trips. My husband did complain of knee-room while driving, but he is 6'5" so he is taller than the norm. My problems began with the first oil change, they found an oil leak and had to remove the engine to find it. They also noticed that my timing chains were loose and went ahead and tightened those. A few months later, the blower for the rear A/C went out completely and had to be replaced (almost a week in the shop). That September we were returning from vacation and an A/C hose "popped" while we were driving down the interstate and we were stuck in Alabama an extra day. At the beginning of this year, as I was driving home from my mom's, all the lights on my dash starting going off, I couldn't move my steering wheel, and my engine shut off ( I was in the middle of a curve on a backroad with my toddler in the car). I was able to coast to a safe spot and had the car towed to the dealership. This was caused by "catastrophic engine failure" and had to replace my engine. Everything up to this point has been covered under warranty (Thank goodness!) Two days ago, the same thing happened with the addition of a squealing noise. This time my A/C compressor locked up. So this twice that my car has completely shut off while driving down the road (with my son in it) and this repair is going to cost me almost $2200.00. If I had to pay for all of these repairs I would have spent $7-10,000.00! I have spent about a month and a half in demo cars total because of time that my car was being repaired. I will say that the dealership and service that I deal with is FANTASTIC and they are helping me find a comparable vehicle to do an even trade and are giving me a good value for my car, and I am so thankful for that. I may have bought the one truly defective Traverse, but it has been nothing but a headache from the get-go.

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