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Be Very Careful and Test Drive this 2016 Tacoma V6 logo 7/4/2016 srm

I purchased this 2016 Toyota Tacoma V6 Off Road 4WD with all the bells and whistles in March, 2016. It now has 6500 miles on it. All types of driving. Also it has been to the dealership once for regular maintenance. I have owned over a dozen different Toyotas over 20 years including a 2009 Tacoma V6 Sport 4WD. I can honestly say this is the worst Toyota I have ever, ever owned from the standpoint of the engine/transmission combination. For whatever reason (probably mpg) as the reviews on this site and other sites (especially Tacoma World) the Tacoma "lugs"- in other words the engine speed will constantly default to a little over 1000 rpm and shift into 6th gear most all of the time. This results in any engine/transmission that has no torque and is basically "non-responsive". The engine is non-responsive to the point that it is a SAFETY HAZZARD. You either must repeatedly stomp on the acceleration or plan your driving moves very carefully. This non-responsive lugging is prevalent on flat road and absolutely ridiculously unacceptable in hills or mountains. MY 2011 PRIUS ABSOLUTELY HAD BETTER RESPONSIVENESS THAN THIS 2016 TACOMA. MY 2009 TACOMA HAS BETTER RESPONSIVENESS. The engine noise/valve chatter from this "Atkinson" brain storm is also extremely annoying. Yes, Toyota employees who are reading this and will chime in with their own counter-review I did complain to the local dealer and the dealer did nothing but change my oil and no this whole b.s. about the engine "learning" and being "adaptive" may or may not be true but regardless has not changed a thing. Thank God I just leased this thing and can turn back in. Signed former Toyota customer

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