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Be Very Careful If You're Considering This Vehicle logo 8/10/2015 Jim

My Rogue is a 2014 SV AWD. There are some things to like; good gas mileage (especially highway), decent acceleration, good handling in snow, comfortable front seats, great sound system in the SV model, pretty good cargo capacity, okay visibility. But from nearly day one I have had a serious issues with it, and as time goes on I realize that there are also many annoying features that I was not able to identify in the test drive. The worst problems I have had are with the "infotainment" system. The voice recognition is poor (I do not have a heavy accent or speech problem). I have never been able to get the Nissan Connect app connected with my (new model) phone, and neither can the dealer or Nissan Corp. The Sirius radio cuts out when I drive by a tall tree and goes out completely for about 20 seconds several times an hour. It also periodically stops to "reload". I've had Sirius radios in my cars before, and this is by far the least reliable. The navigation is poor at best. Often when I enter (using voice recognition) what I know is a valid address, it comes back with some location in another state 3,000 miles away that doesn't even sound like the correct location. Sometimes it gives a trip time and distance that assumes I can drive directly to the destination even though there's a river between me and the destination, overlooking the time and distance required to go the nearest bridge first. It fails about 40% of the time to locate "Points of Interest" (again using voice recognition), including (no kidding) international airports in my state. I started trying to get these and other issues resolved with the dealer the first week I owned it. I found that except for one guy ("our expert") who worked at one of their remote locations, nobody there understood the systems. I met with the expert, who tried reloading the software several times with no success. They promised to discuss with Nissan, and no solutions resulted. I contacted Nissan and opened a "case". After numerous dealer visits and even more phone discussions with them, Nissan offered me one free month car payment for my trouble, but no fixes. I declined. They said they are working on the problems, but could not say when they would have them resolved. It's now 15 months since I picked up the vehicle and they have not been able to do a thing to help me. I drive a lot (currently at 30k miles), and I have owned many similar vehicles. I can say that for me, the Rogue was one of my worst picks. It also has many lesser annoyances including; 1) the CVT can't find the right gearing when accelerating uphill, usually running the RPMs up to almost 4000 before I give up and take my foot off the pedal, 2) many of the systems are set up to prevent the driver (or passenger) from using them while the vehicle is in gear, 3) the front wiper arms collide with and scratch the hood if you try to lift them out to clean the windshield, and the rear wiper likewise does not lift away from the glass, 4) when the vehicle is wet there's a loud whistle coming (I think) from the roof rack, 5) my front rotors warped at 22k, not covered of course, 6) within 1 year, the leather driver's seat began to show signs of checking and wrinkling, like a much older vehicle, 7) if you drop something between the center console and the seat, kiss it goodbye, 8) the Nissan navigation system does not provide traffic, you have to contract with Sirius for traffic, 9) the rear camera has poor resolution, 10) at about 28k it became obvious I would need tires soon, although I rotated them regularly. I will not buy tires, nor will I spend any more time or effort on this disappointment. It's getting traded next week. And not on another Nissan, ever.

Average Rating : 2


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