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Beautiful body, tough on tires, logo 7/17/2015 Audi Reviewer

Owned my 2014 A6 TDI Premium+ for 18 months and have driven it 30,000 miles. Pros: THE best looking styling of all European/Japanese/American mid-size luxury sedans, hands down. Love the TDI diesel--44+mpg combined, quicker than a bullet, quiet engine (see the one major con on this engine below). Road handling is superb and this car is a blast to drive on a curvy highway. Cons--On the other hand...not the most comfy to drive on long trips and I have taken this car cross country. I get it's a sports sedan but after a while the lack of expected comfort starts to wear on you (esp. on a $60,000+ car). Tires--I have 30,000 miles on them, I don't drive hard, but the dealer told me I have about 10,000 miles left on them. What? 40,000 miles on a set of Dunlops? Biggest beef--as the tread wears down the noise these tires make is unbearably loud. Last issue-- Audi sends me a letter letting me know my TDI diesel engine was engineered to run on UP TO 5% biodiesel. Unfortunately I live in a state that mandates the sale of 20% biodiesel in the warmer months. Nice. Wish my dealer would have mentioned that to me when I bought the car. Audi goes on to state in the letter to me that in any event, they WILL honor any warranty issues arising out of the use of this biodiesel. As one who usually "buys them and drives them forever", I don't think I want to own this car after the warranty expires. I love this car but doubtful I will buy another diesel engine as long as I live in this state. I realize this is not Audi's problem but hopefully they are working on this biodiesel issue.

Average Rating : 4


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