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Beautiful Car with Add-ons & Issues logo 7/7/2016 Unhappy Chrysler Owner

I purchased this car thinking that the bells and whistles of the vehicle would make up for the quality I had in my Dodge Charger. Within the first 30 days of owning the vehicle the transmission seemed to be shifting really hard and the radio would not work when I attempted to change stations, etc. We took it back to the dealer and they "flashed" the radio and then applied some update to the transmission. Within 2 months I was back again with the same issues, the same repair attempts were made. Two months later we were back again and they replaced my radio this time, then applied the same updates to the transmission. Every since then the transmission has continued to get worse with the shifting but the service department indicates that Chryslar has to tell them what to do with it. The radio has started having the same issues and had to be repaired again as well. I understand some of the issues that are beyond the manufacturers control, like the component to the radio that seems to frequently fail but the transmission issues have almost caused me to be hit by another vehicle. This is no longer an issue but it is a safetly concern at this point. As of today the service department has submitted a request to Chryslar for guidance - we will see if anything comes from it.

Average Rating : 3


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