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Beautiful Little SUV Hybrid logo 5/10/2015 jrgdds

IMO, The way that the NX300h handles and accelerates is way better than some of the professional reviewers have claimed especially wen driving in sports mode. The NX300h is well appointed for comfort as one would expect from Lexus, and the cars technology is probably more than most people will ever require, but it's there if you need it. The interior has a well thought out ergonomic design.

Favorite Feature : My favorite features are the HUD, The blind spot monitor,And the ability to scroll through My USB interface Mp3 folders while driving. This was locked and annoying on older Lexus models. The 31 mpg doesn't hurt either.

Suggested Improvement : My only knock on the car is it's touch pad interface. It can be a little bit of a distraction. 90% of the time this can be over come easily by using the steering wheel interface. But I would suggest that Lexus go back to the mouse style interface.

Average Rating : 4.75


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