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Beautiful rattling tin can logo 6/13/2016 Scott S.

To date, the 2016 Cascada with 5148 miles, has been in the dealership service lane 5 times, all for the same reason. The convertible top is faulty. I initially took the car in due to a very odd knocking and popping sound coming from the rear of the vehicle. My first dealership said it was road noise and I had to deal with it. This was literally metal on metal banging... After I insisted the dealer attempt to diagnose the noise concern, a technician somehow broke the interior panel but didnt tell me, nor replace the actual part. I then received a message once again stating the knocking was just road noise and body-flex and couldnt be fixed. After contacting Buick, I was connected to another dealership which took the time to review the knocking and found the broken panel, and also a screw that wasnt seated properly. Drove home in complete quiet. Three days later...The knocking was back and this time I had a leak on the opposite side of the car. Back to the dealer... They adjusted the top and replaced the seal as the dealer stated the seal had managed to fold incorrectly and formed to that shape and had to be replaced. Further adjustments to the top and the knocking was gone again. A week later...The banging and knocking is back. The interior panel that was replaced has again disconnected and is flapping around constantly. Adjusted, reseated, no more knocking. A week later...banging is back again. Returned to the dealer and had a technician drive the car. After a day in the shop the technician decided to replace a guide pin for the top cover. Noise gone again. 3 days later... Knocking and clacking is back, I have a leak, and the chrome trim was gouged by the service team during the last service. Being returned to the dealer. At this point, the 2016 Buick Cascada has become the biggest let down / regret of my car purchasing life. Though the service team has been polite and helpful, I didnt buy the vehicle for it to be in service more than I am able to drive it. Definitely regret the whole purchase at this point.

Average Rating : 2


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