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Beautiful, sporty car with a few things missing logo 8/3/2015 Doug B

I’ve had my GS 350 F Sport AWD fora year and a half now and it is without question a beautiful car—fast and luxurious; a real head turner. As you know, Lexus only makes luxury vehicles so if you think a loaded Camry is the equivalent of, say, a Lexus EX 350, it’s not. I’ve driven them both. You can load a car up but it’s still essentially the same car with leather and some tech features. Lexus (Infinity, etc) are born and bred luxury cars. The GS 350 F Sport has the advantage of being both sporty and luxurious. I can't really speak to the mileage yet because it's so new. I'm getting about 17 mpg city.For those of us who’ve had sports cars, the GS 350 F Sport is a natural evolution. Additionally, the Lexus buying or leasing experience is superior. They are very fair and easy to work with. You don’t leave thinking you could have done better.These numerous benefits aside, I’m surprised at some of the features the car DOESN’T have. I traded in my 2013 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid because although it looked sporty and had luxury pretentions, such as leather seats, it was neither sporty (as in fast with good handling), or luxurious. What it did have that I will miss are:•Blind spot warning in both side mirrors•Rear parking sensors that beep as you get closer•Touch screen radio with channel identifierThis last point may seem small but in real life it’s very nice. The Ford was a very uncomplicated system that would let you touch the station you want instead of scrolling through the channels. In addition, it would label each Serius station (Howard Stern, Highway, Lithium, Classic Vinyl, etc) instead of just giving the preset number, which requires you to memorize what station they represent. The sticker on the Lexus is $25,000 more than the Fusion. Lexus ought to rethink these things and give the driver everything a $57,000 car can offer. I suppose if you've never has these features you won't miss them, but they should be standard. **Update. Now that I've had the car a year and half, I still think it's a very nice car but, to be honest, if the Lexus (or any premium) name doesn't mean that much to you, you can get a very nice sedan with similar features for $20,000 less. I don't mean to be dismissive of this fine car, it's just a personal opinion. My next vehicle will likely be a Jeep.

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