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Been an outstanding truck logo 9/2/2015 Dg

First off I don't write reviews, but i thought I would make an exception. I bought my 2001 ad crew cab used in 2003 with about 30k on the clock. I have it a 3 inch lift and a few other mods, fast forward to 2015 and I still have the truck, 190k now and it still gets compliments and it still runs great. I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere, in fact I still use it to go on road trips across multiple states some times towing a travel trailer, it has held up well. I thought I would write this review because I've seen people say "I'll never buy a Nissan again" "my toyota never had problems" and that may be true, however I also have a 1990 hardbody that I bought used in 97 and it now is approaching the 300k Mark and other than 2 clutches and a timing chain, it's still running great, and i also have two very good friends who both have toyotas, both with 22re and both didn't make it very far past 145k before a rebuild was in order, now I'm not digging toyota, I believe they make good vehicles, and quite honestly ,that's what I originally wanted to buy, but I am far happier with my nissans. They have been super reliable, you will usually see the reviews of people who think they have been wronged somehow, and things do happen, but I have owned 4 kids and and they are very reliable. Love my frontier, it's been my daily driver for 12 years,and just now the leather seat is starting to wear out, supercharger is still original. It does not leak or burn anything, the gas mileage would be my only complaint. I average 15mpg but I also have larger tires...can't say enough good things about the truck

Average Rating : 5


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