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Been driving it for 12 years logo 5/31/2015 manyhondas

Bought it new as a family van and now has 178,000 miles. In early years, we used it for long trips to Florida, New York, & Canada. Got power and accelerates well. Comfort is fine for local driving but on very long road trips, I wished I had more seat adjustments. The design ambiance is awesome and that's why it's still in our driveway. Had two repaint jobs, one major maintenance overhaul, and transmission was rebuilt once. For many years, this minivan has performed better than I expected. Now that it's 12 years old, our air conditioner acts weird about every 6 months until my mechanic tinkers around with it. We are tough and assertive urban city drivers.

Favorite Feature : Leather seats are still perfect with no tears nor faded. My wife drove the Odyssey in flooded streets several times and water flowed up to the hood while cars behind her stalled. Still a good looking van with clean lines and aerodynamics. A very durable engine and it probably will last much longer.

Suggested Improvement : For 2003, I only wished the interior a/c vents, 3rd row seat storage compartment door, and back seat handles were stronger because our kids broke them and later ripped it apart. For 2015, it's nice to have a vehicle with several USBs, phone & laptop plugs, navigator, rear view camera, and better sound system. More reliability on the paint and transmission would help, too.

Average Rating : 4.625


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