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Best Accord Ever!!! logo 7/26/2015 Michael Yang

I previously owned a 2003 ex 4cl, over the years I always observed the body style changes and always felt they got uglier and uglier, always glad I had my despite all the improvements on the engine and tech. Only earlier this year I started noticing Accord Sport, how sporty it looked. Even though I liked and thought it worthy of purchasing, I thought I'd avoid any unnecessary spending and stick with my car since for the most part it carried me where I need to go and because of it's age and condition (I really neglected it's exterior care after owning it for only about year) I never cared how I parked it and didn't care if I got door dinged or not. It wasn't until last month or so, my girlfriend's family needed to replace a car that they totaled and asked me to help her with haggling over the cost with the dealer. After that got done, all of a sudden everything I thought wrong with my car (mostly performance related) was heightened and I found myself looking at dealer websites and customizing the According Sport on Honda's official page. Then one week I decided I wanted to test drive it so booked an appointment on a Friday at the end of the work week. So I test drove it, not in any critical manner, and saw how sporty and attractive it looked and wanted to own so bad that I negotiated the price and bought it that same night, trading my own car in the process. The price I listed as how much my purchase was the price it would've been had I not traded my car. Luckily for me the Sport trim was what I wanted and it was only one level above LX but not any where as expensive as the higher trims with all their unnecessary safety assisting tech, moon roof (which I had on my 2003 but never used), and then some. What I did get with the Sport were 18" wheels and paddle shifters and 4 extra horsepower (not available with any other trim), not to mention, dual exhaust system, powered driver side seats, and it's the sportiest and most attractive of all the trims (as most reviews point out). The only one thing I would've wanted would've been the V6 engine which is not available in the sport. All the other niceties like rear camera and client control apparently come standard. Also, even though leather was not available with this trim I was able to upgrade the upholstery with leather and the standard interior color for the Sport Trim was black. The dealership tinted the windows as was their custom so I have a pretty bad ass looking ride. The performance on the 4cl Sport is surprisingly good with 189 horses. Also it offers a "S" or sport transmission mode that keeps rev's above 2000rpm so any acceleration from that point is snappy and quick and requires fewer large downshifts when needing a significant acceleration boost. Compared to a 2015 Camry SE which is the Accord's direct competitor, it pales in comparison. Even though on paper it offers almost identical features and one can purchase it for roughly 5K less than the Accord Sport, having driven the Accord and owning it, I would gladly pay the difference. First off, the speedometer is huge in the Accord and at the center of the display console while the accord is small and off to the side. The gaps between each 5 mile marker on the Camry is tiny making it much more difficult to maintain a desired speed when not engaging your cruise control. The front dash on the Camry is also too busy compared to the Accord's and the computer controlling the radio and center console controls is very slow. Every setting you choose takes 2 to 3 times longer for the computer to accept, very annoying. The Accord is also roomier inside than the Camry not to mention far more attraction (the Camry's front grille makes look like a Cylon designed it and the parking lights which run vertical along the front sides look like foo man chu whiskers). I love this car on a day I don't leave the house, after a shower just before bed, I'll take it out for a spin.

Average Rating : 5


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