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Best All-Round 3-Row SUV in the world! logo 8/10/2015 Glenn Harper

Firstly, I'm a 'car guy'. Before I buy a car, I do three things: research, research, and research! This past spring I had a need to reduce our fleet from 3 to 2 vehicles (getting rid of an old SUV and my "toy" hot rod for a NEW SUV) so I began researching in earnest. I wanted a 3-row, mid-size SUV with a V8 & 4WD that could give me decent mileage, carry cargo with ease and up to 6 people in comfort. Also, since I was getting rid of my hot rod, I wanted at least SOME semblance or sportiness and power as well as a nice looking vehicle that would always make me turn back for a last look as I'm walking in from a parking lot. My old SUV and hot rod were both Dodges so I specifically ignored the Durango at first, fearing my pro-MOPAR bias would color my judgement. I made my list of requirements and started looking. To make a long story short, I researched Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover, Audi, BMW and, yes, even Mercedes. The Japanese don't offer V8s (except for the Nissan Armada which was otherwise terrible), the Europeans had contenders...but only if I wanted to spend $15-$50k more than I'd planned, and the other American makers only had vehicles that met my requirements if I went up to FULL size SUVs and even then their mass make them very slow and unsporty. So I finally came back to look at the Durango. It checked off EVERY item on my list except for price - it was about $5,000 more than I was wanting to spend, but after going for a test drive, I see where that $5k went. The Durango is darn near in the luxury SUV class with all the amazing bells & whistles as well as top notch safety features. The interior is AMAZING and not something I would ever have thought Dodge could produce. Bottom line: I went out and ordered my Durango R/T immediately. I took delivery back in May and, after 3000+ miles, it has been nothing short of a dream of a vehicle and pure joy to drive.

Average Rating : 5


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