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Best All Wheel Drive compact car logo 3/1/2015 Raghavan Mani

I have been a big fan of Mazda 3 and for the sake of All Wheel Drive due to heavy snow in North east, I changed to Subaru Impreza Manual transmission. Very happy that I bought this. No regrets for leaving Mazda 3 (except of road noise which is more in subaru, but the driving stability of Subaru Impreza is incomparable). I used to be very scared of snow driving and now I enjoy driving when its snowing. Subaru Impreza is the best All Wheel drive system and the car is absolutely stable and has the best traction. I can change lanes in highways when snowing without a bit of shaking even when there is slurry. I enjoy the worst snow by driving. Unbelievable.

Favorite Feature : Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and traction control system, Driving stability, Rear view camera feature and rear leg room in the hatchback model. Highway mileage for an AWD is acceptable. I get around 37-38 mpg on Highways and around 28 in local roads.

Suggested Improvement : Interior quality of materials can be improved with better body building. Improved acceleration pick up in the lower gears. Hatchback length can be increased by 3 more inches to make the boot space little more bigger.

Average Rating : 4.625


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