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Best automobile I ever had...................... logo 9/10/2015 Danielle White

Know that if you buy this vehicle you will have a reliable vehicle for life. I purchased my Suburban in 2001 with 22K miles on it and have driven this vehicle for 13 years as far as Nova Scotia Canada as well as many, many other states but this vehicle has taken me many miles and I have not had any problems with it. The tires are a little pricey but what can you expect for such a mega vehicle. The seats are comfortable, seating is awesome and which is why I purchased. I was infatuated with having a vehicle that seated 9 although at the time I only had 1 child. The vehicle has so much space. We would travel and be able to leave all the seats in and take our child bike as well as luggage. When we all wanted to take bikes we would take out the 3rd row and the bikes would sit up in there without taking any wheels off as well as luggage and cooler. I can't say anything bad about the Suburban. I cried when I sold mine. So 13years later and 289,000 miles!!!!! I sold my vehicle because I did notice around 270,000 miles the engine requires work. Watch out for the coils, its like 8 of them and they cost a whopping chunk of change. I could not get the check engine light to go off once I hit 270K miles no matter what I did to repair the vehicle. I still have no complaints because for the whole life of the truck I never fixed anything on the truck except replacing the fuel pump $600 so this baby has been good to me. Also please note as the truck gets older the gas mileage gets better. I drove from Raleigh NC to Orlando FL round trip for $228. Awesome!!!Once I had the engine problems I spent about $1200 on the car and still couldn't get the truck to drive as it once did and I lost my job and was unable to continue to work on the truck so I sold it for $3000 which I am more than satisfied with. I cried and kissed my baby on the day of sale. I wish I could have kept it forever and I would have changed out the motor and kept it moving....Please keep in mind, I am a woman driver and drove my baby like she was built but at the same time I took great care of her so I know that had something to do with how good of shape she was still in and how she was able to be reliable for me. I am in the market for buying another one..... It's 09/10/2016 and I still have not found one. I found a BMW 325ci convertible, sweet yes but nothing like my suburban. I am still in the market for buying another Suburban (it's 3/12/17), they are so costly and the miles are too high. I know I will NEVER find another one like mine, I gave birth to mine and watched it grow and leave the nest....:(

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