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Best bang for my buck! logo 6/14/2016 BILL GRFFITH

I bought my XG when it was 10 years old and had quite a few miles on it. I'm the second owner and it turns out that the original owner was an older woman who lived down the street from me. She had all her maintenance, right up til the time she sold it, done at the dealership. I had access to the records and she had all recommended service done. The condition of the car reflected it. when I got the car I had to put a set of tires and a new battery on it. There is nothing about this car to suggest its age. I have never been so much in love with the way a car has treated me. The ride is incredibly quiet and smooth. Plenty of power under the hood for the times when you need to merge into highway traffic. Fire it up to 70, hit the cruise and relax to your favorite music. Just don't get too comfortable. There are other cars out there too. I love the styling. They stole, without shame, designs from classic luxury cars. The grill and rear end of the car is pure Lincoln. Elegant and classy. Then in the interior they decided that Mercedes had hit on a nice design. Yes the wood is plastic, but it looks great. It seems everything about the interior is customizable to fit the individual perfectly. The only complaint I have with the entire car is the air deflector installed at the front of the sunroof. It functions perfectly so you don't get a wind tunnel blowing all around you when it's open on the highway. The problem lies with the location of it. They installed it right at the beginning of the sunroof so that it block out about 1/4 of the opening. I know, picky,picky, picky!! This was Hyundai's first entry into the luxury market and they got it RIGHT. I'm sure the design concepts and components are reflected in the Geneses and the Equus. No reason to believe I can't put another 60-70K on this car.

Average Rating : 5


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