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Best Buy Overall logo 9/3/2015 eldernerd

We never buy a new car but when shopping for an Impreza, low mileage used were always more than new. So we ended up looking for a new one, with acceptable colors and price. Never found much difference in price and shopped internet in 4 states. Never found the desired color in stock but winter was coming and wife wanted all wheel drive so we made the purchase locally with an acceptable color.I've been a "car nut" since the 50's and have owed many from a full race Pontiac to a Mercedes and BMW but never a Subaru. The Subaru Impreza drives with the best once you replace the factory tires with good ones. I don't find the noise objectionable even under heavy throttle. The body has some flex which was disappointing but not unusual. Car is well made and solid overall. Subaru produces vehicles in various models but the option list in each model is sparse so don't plan on adding anything later from Subaru. The CVT ruins the car for me but the wife still loves it. It requires a different type of driving. Maybe I'll get used to it eventually if my wife ever lets me drive it.Mileage is great with warmer weather. As with all vehicles, it's not great when it gets cold. About 37 MPG highway in the summer and 27 MPG for shorter travel. The vehicle mileage indicator isn't as smooth as other vehicles and is off between 6 and 8%.For an economy car with all wheel drive, the Subaru Impreza is a best buy.

Average Rating : 4


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