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Best Car Ever logo 9/11/2015 Stan Dieckmann

I bought my 2005 in 2009, it had 48K miles and had been a one owner car. It now has 162,000 and I took it to a shop to go through it front to back, to let me know their thoughts on if I should keep it or sell it. I like the car SO much, I am going to spend about $3,000 on it to make it "new" again. I have searched and searched for a car that I would like equally well, both new and used, and I can't find it.My wife's 2013 Ford Edge has all the new techno gadgets that I don't have, and I wish I did have, but I can add that after market. The car is such a good car. I take it to Ford for every service at 5,000 miles, change the transmission oil at 50,000, and what a car! I can't think of any other car that I have looked at and researched that I am more willing to spend money on right now than the car I have. And I have the money and or credit to buy any car I want. Just so you know, I don't want a 7 Series BMW, I can't buy that, but I can buy a nice car. I like this car so much, I have looked at 2009's, both Ford and Mercury, to see if I could find the right one with low miles so I could stay with basically the same car, and I can't. So another $3,000 and many more I come.

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