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Best Car for your money logo 3/17/2015 aggiewife

I traded in my 2008 Honda Odyssey for the new 2015 Explorer Limited and boy do I love it! As much as I loved the function of the minivan, I was ready for something "cooler". It was really hard finding a midsize SUV that could compete with the space of the minivan and believe me I looked! I was just about sold on the Toyota Highlander, but then I decided to look at the Explorer. I'm so glad I did because there is a lot more room in the back and the seats are much more comfortable. With 3 children, I had to have something with 3 rows up all the time. It is extremely fun to drive and the boys on my son's baseball team fight over who gets to ride with us. I'm finally a "cool" mom! :)

Favorite Feature : Love the comfortable seats! power fold 3rd row, voice activated commands, remote start, Sporty look and the great ride!

Suggested Improvement : Put armrests on the 2nd row seats

Average Rating : 5


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