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Best Car I Ever Had! Never Selling! logo 9/8/2015 Rafee Ahmed

I've owned this car for 12 and have never had any problems. Just had a regular oil change and a battery died on me once (completely natural). The sleek design of this model is so much better than the "sportier" design newer one. Sound system sounds great and I like how you can easily adjust the sound settings. Seats are extremely comfortable. Traveled to chicago and new york from virginia with no problem. Trunk is also big enough for all of my junk. There's no way I'll ever part with this car. I'm keeping it for the rest of it's life. Only wish that this had better cup holders. I've noticed thats a common complaint with this generation. One other extremely minor annoyance is that no matter what I try to to do, the check engine sign won't go away. Although there hasn't been any problems with the engine so far. And this is the car I use for everything.

Average Rating : 5


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