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best car I ever owned. logo 9/3/2015 Chris

Second owner, bought this car in 2009 with 55000 miles. Vehicle is extremely comfortable to ride in and loaded with a ton of great features. My favorite features were the seats, heated and adjustable enough to accommodate a driver with very long legs and a short torso, a problem I've had in all other vehicles was getting comfortable on a long drive. Front bench seating is easier to keep clean than a center console. Interior features were well ahead of its time and comparable to expensive luxury vehicles of the same age. Even with rust and being beaten half to death by being stored outside in one of the worst northern climates in the states and not cared for very well, the paint hasn't faded or lost its gloss she still turns heads with classic styling and a blue soft top. Car handled better through some really nasty winters with cheap all weathers than my old Jeep with snow tires. Vehicle was a steal at $12000. I got my money out of her, and I'm very sad to see her go. Car needs significant work any vehicle would after going through what she's been through, but the vehicle is still solid beyond my expectations and capable of another 60000 miles at least.This is a great low maintenance vehicle perfect for a family, and would be a good choice for a winter rat. Gas mileage isn't great, but decent for a full size sedan. My only complaints is that the gear shifts are kind of laggy, sometimes it'll hard shift. GM's 3.8 is a tried and true engine, but the four speed transmission makes for a boring ride. Car handles well and is easy to maneuver but the suspension feels a little rough on highways. Dash lights, passenger climate control, and one of the heated seats burnt out. The only repairs I had in seven years besides standard maintenance and rust related repairs were a blower motor going ($200 with a used motor), an ignition problem (estimated $75), an EVAP leak that has engine light on, and a small coolant leak ($180).

Average Rating : 5


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