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BEST CAR I HAVE EVER DRIVEN logo 4/10/2015 angelito1

I have had this car for a couple of months And totally love it. Let me start by saying that it is true the first gear in the manual transmission takes a little getting use to. And no it doesn't takes off Or drive like a rocket..... But I love the styling because there is nothing like it. It is reliable, super confortable And awesome on gas. You want a testament to this.... With barely 2500 miles on it I took it on a loong road trip from WA state to Fairbanks Alaska. It drove up and down the mountain roads like it is what it was made to do. By the way I was fully loaded with suitcases, duffle bags with clothes and theblike... Average 34 MPG. Again best car ever.

Favorite Feature : Interior and exterior styling. GPS and Beats audio system. Exemptional space and fuel efficiency.

Suggested Improvement :

Average Rating : 4.875


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