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Best Car I Shall Ever Own logo 8/21/2015 Paul

Maybe it was love at first sight, or maybe it was because I had been suffering in a dying 15+ year old sedan, but I love driving my 2015 CrossTrek. I have a terrible commute, can be 2 hours one way, and so I spend a lot of time in my car. This car handles like a smaller vehicle, gets the highway gas mileage despite my sitting in gridlock for most of my trip, and is just a fun car to drive. The AWD is amazing, take this car off-road and it really shines, I have jumped a few medians and curbs because of hazards and aside from a little bump, we are on our way again no problem. This is not a luxury vehicle, but it still gets people's attention (it's bright orange.) The StarLink set-up needs a little work as it is a super glitchy, but it isn't an issue for since I plug in my iPod into the USB and let the Bluetooth connect my phone. Subaru has a rep for quality and rugged performance so I expect the car to age well. You aren't going to find a safer, better car with the same features for the money.

Average Rating : 5


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